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MOTN Waking

While we are talking about sleep training how does everyone handle the MOTN wake ups?

We have gotten her to go down but now need to get her 2-4wake ups under control. She will just cry and wants to be held. We are trying to let her cry 5-10 minutes before we go in her room but it can take over an hour to get her back to sleep.
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Re: MOTN Waking

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    My LO is one of the older ones (April 30th) and she went through the MOTN wakings awhile ago. Since I'm still nursing, I would just get up and nurse her for about 10 min. And she'd go back to bed. We also began giving her Motrin because I thought it was because of teething. After a few weeks, she was back to STTN without any effort on my part, and no more Motrin. GL!

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    While I was nursing, I would get up and nurse her back to sleep for a long time, and it wasn't fun but I was ok with it, because I was trying to make sure she could make up for lost ounces if she wasn't getting enough during the day, but my patience for that started wearing thin the further we got past a year. We were going in and rocking her prior to this sleep training which we started just last night. :) She didn't wake last night, if she does tonight or in future nights, I'm going to try and give her a few minutes to get herself back to sleep. I read somewhere that we all wake up throughout the night, but have to learn to get ourselves back to sleep.  That's what I'm going to keep telling myself while I'm restraining myself from going in right away to settle her.
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    We are going through this again. He's up like 2-3 times and wakes up so early, like 5:30ish. He's killing us. I think he's getting three teeth. At least this is what I'm telling myself so I can have hope that it will stop!

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    I go in and nurse him. If he doesn't go back down in an hour, he comes to bed with me, so I can sleep and he can nurse.  Same routine we've had for 19 months :)  Don't have any plans to change it either.
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    I wish I could help. A was a terrible sleeper who worked everything out. She was up fairly late but sleeping well until a few illnesses messed everything up again. We are getting very little sleep at this point. I wish she would wake up and go back to sleep with cuddles or nursing. When A gets up she is ready to go for hours. 
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    we usually give S 10 minutes to fall back to sleep on her own. If she doesn't, I usually go in, change her diaper (since that's usually what wakes her up in the first place), give her a hug, tell it's time to go back to sleep and then put her back down. If she doesn't go back to bed on her own after that, we do 5 minute increasing intervals. S wakes up pretty early every morning (between 5:30 and 6:30). If it's before 5:30, I change her diaper and bring her to bed with us, if it's after 5:30, I let her hang out in her crib until 6 and if she doesn't go back down on her own, I get up with her.
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    3timemom said:

    He is generally STTN. However on the occasion he wakes during the night we let him cry for a little bit, sometimes he goes back to sleep. When that doesn't work we usually go get him and change his diaper then he lays down in our bed with us. He generally falls right back to sleep and after like 20 minutes of that we put him back in his bed.

    Exactly this. It's rare that he wakes up in the motn, but last night it happened twice (!!). He wakes up when he loses his paci. I put him in our bed for about 10 mins and he either falls back asleep or calms down enough to be put back in bed.
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