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Soft spot

My apologies in advance if I've missed a thread but looking for comments regarding my 19 month old's soft spot on top. Ped said it could take up to 2 years to close so I'm not overly worried but his is about the size of a quarter still. Anything to be on the lookout for?

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    I guess new...often a reader but not really a poster since most threads help me with my concerns.

    What's customary to know then? I just thought this was a public forum to seek advice or share other news, if that's what you are comfortable with...
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    If it's a public forum, yes I would ask my question. I honestly don't see an issue with that, perhaps just different perspectives of online behaviors.

    By no means am I looking for drama, just wanted reassurance on a sensitive subject with my kid. I asked what is customary to avoid putting unnecessary info online but not getting a good vibe - I'll move on, no worries.
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    My friend's kiddo has a slowly closing soft spot. Pedi told her that just meant she needed to really make sure he was at every well check so that they could monitor it. Like @mishy2006 said if your pedi isn't worried about it I wouldn't be either.
    Regarding the intro, all you need is a "hey I'm new here. Baby is 19 mo born in May. I often lurk but never post. Can you help me with my problem..." just some acknowledgement that you recognize you're not part of the community but would appreciate our help.
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    No you were not and given our past history of having someone jump in here with constant name changes completely in your right to ask her.

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