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Regression. thoughts please

I had no plans to potty train my 24 month old but she ended up with hand foot mouth and had blisters all over her bum.  I decided to let her run around without a diaper one day to try and let everything heal up and she started sitting on the potty to pee.  She peed the first time I set her ont he potty, had 2 accidents while I whisked her to the potty and then had no accidents the rest of the day.  She did so well I was shocked.  Then when it came time to put her in underpants, she treated them like a diaper and would have accidents in them or would sit on the potty and pee through the undies.  So I let her go about 4 or 5 days naked and she had virtually no accidents.  Again, when I put undies on her, she had accidents unless I made her sit on the potty.  Same story with pants.  Now, 3 weeks later, she has frequent accidents and won't tell me she has to use the potty during the day.  She says "pee pee time mommy" after she has already started peeing in her pants.  But when its bedtime or naptime, she tells me she has to pee pee and goes in the potty.  So whose the one trained here?  lol  After she peed all over my parents carpet last night, I decided to just stick her in a diaper.  I don't know what to do.  I sort of feel like I am to far in it to stop but not quite to the "potty trained" title.  Should I keep pushing forward or should I take a break?  I'm leaning towards taking a break cause I'm tired of scrubbing carpets.  She was in a diaper today and 3 times told me she had to pee but was already peeing in her diaper.  I feel like if she tells me, I will put her on the potty but I am going to keep her in a diaper.  Oh and being wet doesn't seem to upset her too much.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Re: Regression. thoughts please

  • I'd go back to diapers. If she doesn't mind being wet she's not going to make a huge effort to stay dry. When my DS was about 24 months we thought he might be ready because he'd tell us he was peeing and go to the potty after peeing. We gave it a go and it was accident city. We put him back in diapers and waited. At 27 months we have it another go. This time he was ready. He's been in diapers 3 weeks and has had one accident this week. I think you just have to wait for it to click.

    I know a lot of people start with naked time but my main reason to dislike it is the one you give. They will treat underwear and pants like a diaper. We start straightaway with underwear and pants and go from there. It may mean more laundry in the beginning but I think it clocks faster. This worked for both DD and DS.
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  • Thanks. I appreciate your thoughts. I am probably headed that route and will try again in a few months
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