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Happy New Year!
Lurker (I posted a bit but life got busy and I haven't had time to post much) with a few questions!

We have been in our agency's profile book for a year and a half now and wanted to do some outreach.

Our agency recommended that we make a FB page to share with friends/family in hopes that it might help us connect with an expectant mother looking to make an adoption plan. We made the page...but now I'm not sure what to post on it. Any suggestions? Anyone willing to share the link to their FB page? So far I just posted some pictures and a thank you to everyone that has shared/liked the page but want to be sure to post at least monthly so if someone stumbled across the page it's obvious that we are still looking and haven't been matched or have already adopted.

Re: FB pages?

  • A lot of friends/family have shared with page on their walls. I just am not sure what to post on the FB page so it's obvious that we are still waiting to be matched.

    Is 1 1/2 years really that long of a wait? In my mind I was thinking that once we hit 2+ years we should start thinking about looking into another agency.
  • I like the idea of a wordpress site too.  Even if you did a free website hosting page maybe.  I think that would be just as easy as Facebook and would be able to show who you are more. 
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