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Cary Birthing Center

Has anyone delivered at The new Cary Birthing Center? Not sure yet if I want to deliver there or at Durham Regional, where I've heard they are more 1on1 with you!

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  • I am in Fayetteville and I was thinking of driving down to check it out! I will let you know :)
  • I live in Cary and know a couple moms that delivered at Wake Med, they were wonderful. Great facilities, great people. I'm hoping to go there. I haven't heard of the Birthing Center, sorry :/
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  • I'm going to the birthing center in Cary and I love it. I delivered my first at the birthing center in chapel hill and had a wonderful experience. I was so happy when this one opened since I live in Cary and it's so much closer to my house! Everyone that works there is so nice and helpful. I also love that they except fewer patients so there's almost no waiting time to be seen and I feel like the midwives arnt rushed to see other patients and they really take there time to answer all of my questions. I had a water birth with my first and I'm looking forward to be able to do that again with my second.
  • I delivered at the Cary birthing center - Baby and Co.  I had the most wonderful, empowering birthing experience there.  Every aspect of my care at that facility exceeded my expectations.  I would recommend it in a heartbeat.  Please go check it out!
  • My friend did and she loved it. And she only spent one night there!
  • I am choosing to give birth at Baby + Co, and am thrilled. Couldn't be happier with the choice. I will say I don't think it's for everyone. But, a birthing center does NOT get more 1 on 1 if that's what you're looking for. The nice thing is you can also use the Baby + Co staff at the Wake Med Cary Hospital, if you want a cross between the two.

    I recommend taking a tour of Baby + Co-- that's what sealed the deal for me.
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