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DS has a dx now

I had the phone conference today with the psychologist that evaluated DS. He said that DS has ASD with global developmental delay. He scored on the high end for social and moderate for repetitive behaviors. He told us we're doing everything right with therapy. The only thing he would add would be ABA. I'm going to look into it and see what exactly our insurance will cover and if there are any centers close (there are a few a little over an hour away). He gave me a list of resources and said to check out the Autism Speaks 100 Day toolkit (already had it downloaded from when Auntie recommended it). I think my husband expected me to be devastated by the diagnosis. When his pedi first started talking about Autism, I didn't take it too well. But I'm pretty okay with it right now. I think the really long wait to get into the clinic helped. Reading books and talking to people that have kids with SN helped a lot, too.

I asked about if we would schedule any follow up appointments with him. He said not as a child, but if as a teenager we notice the symptoms seem like they're gone, then we could schedule a re-evaluation. I don't know why, but I thought we would be seeing him throughout his childhood. Was that the case with you guys?
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Re: DS has a dx now

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    That does sound odd.

    The behavioral therapy place actually took us in for 1 hour per week for a few weeks which then decreased to every other week. We were on a wait list to be evaluated within 6 months but we were also on the cancellation list.

    The evaluation was done by the psychologist but the one that would give us actual therapy time for appointments was another therapist.

    The appointments have lessened for us for 1 time a month but I can call for an appointment at any time if needed.

    I have learned from the SPED world that re-evaluation should be done every 3 years.
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  • I thought it might have sounded a little off. Maybe he just does the initial evals, but he didn't mention anything about getting re-evaled by anyone in three years. I'm going to talk to his therapists about it next week.
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  • We also have six month reviews. Not RE-evaluations, but more of a "how is he and do we need anything to change with referrals" deal.

    Glad you are doing well with the dx. I reacted similarly (dx was last Jan). Being given a provisional dx months earlier was much harder. By official dx day I knew it was true and I actually wanted the dx so I could get him more help.

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  • We haven't seen a psychologist with X but the developmental pedi does see him every 6-12 months. (He's been evaluated for ASD a few times and is "at risk for ASD" and has developmental delays in a few areas.) I agree that a devel pedi eval would be more robust and they could follow him throughout his childhood to see how he's doing, if various concerns lessen or arise, etc., like auntie talked about.
    I'm glad you've had some time to process the diagnosis and are in a good place right now. I think auntie's advice to be gentle with yourself going forward as you adjust is very wise.
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  • @-auntie-
    The psychologist offered us the option of either going there for the follow up or having a phone appointment. Because we don't live close to the clinic and the followup was originally scheduled for Christmas Eve, I opted for the phone appt.
    He is in EI and private therapy right now.
    I had asked his pedi about seeing a dev pedi, but she told me that this clinic is considered the best place to go. DS has an appointment with her next week and I'm going to ask her more questions about this. I'm also going to talk to his therapists and see what they can tell me, also.
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