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It's NYE Where will you be?!?!?

So...I feel like we've been talking about goals and such for the new year but how will everyone be spending their evening? Anyone eating anything good?

Queer coupled and having a BABY with the love of my life! Love my life and wouldn't have it any other way!
First IUI 1/22/2013 BFN: 2/7/2013, Second IUI 2/21/2013 BFN: 3/9/2013, Third IUI 4/23/2013 BFN: 5/8/2013, Fourth IUI 5/24/2013 BFN: 6/7/2013, Fifth IUI 6/24/2013 BFN: 7/8/2013

C began IUI's
7/23/2013 C's first IUI BFN, 8/21/2013 C's second IUI BFN , Took a break in September and October, 11/05/2013 C's 3rd IUI (TWW...we meet again...) BFN, Took off the month to switch to an RE. 01/01/2014 C's 4th IUI...BFP!!!!!!!! Beta #1- 17, Beta #2- 34, Beta #3-140....  6W Ultra-Sound Reveals nothing in Gestation Sack... Natural M/C at 7W, 2/3/2014

03/21/2014 IUI #10...BFP!!! Beta #1- 48, Beta #2- 416, Beta #3- 1018. GROW BABY GROW!!!

1st Ultrasound 4/22/2014 Baby Squints is PERFECT! Measuring at 6w2d with a heartbeat of 129. EDD: 12/12/14.

Ultrasound at 18 weeks on 7/14/2014. Baby is healthy and growing just as she should!


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Re: It's NYE Where will you be?!?!?

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  • @JGY - I'm jealous of you getting to watch Anderson and Kathy! I LOVE Anderson Cooper! I doubt they will have CNN on at the bar I will be at. I might see if I can have them put it on. One of the advantages of knowing the owners. Not that I will be able to hear it though.

    Me: 30  DW (aka C): 29

    Together since 2/15/11 ~ Legally married in NY on 9/29/12

    ***CP mentioned***

    We've been working on baby #1 since July 2013 using Open ID donor sperm.  8 IUI attempts with 5 actual IUIs and one chemical pregnancy.  We have one fresh IVF cycle under our belts as well as a FET.  I have endometriosis and a uterine septum that was corrected via surgery in November 2013. 

    11/14/14 -  Second HSG shows that tubes are still clear and ute is looking good. 

    12/6/14 - Started BCPs in prep for IVF #2

    12/22/14 - Saline u/s and endometrial scratch (All was clear and OUCH!)

    1/2/15 - Began stimming for IVF #2

     ****All Welcome!****

    We are Mommas to four fur babies - 3 dogs and 1 cat.


  • Ash and I are still in MS at my parents' house. We're watching football and doing puzzles. I'm sure I'll be asleep between 9:30 and 10:00pm. I'll drink a glass or two of wine and have a champagne toast with my parents. Z is back in Texas. Will miss her!
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  • Himee33Himee33 member
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    It posted twice. Oops :)

    ME-34  DW-28
    Together since 1-2012
    Married 9-24-2013
    Started TTC with RE January 2014.
    Open donor sperm

    IUI #1 (1-31-14) Clomid + HCG Trigger=BFN
    IUI #2 (2-27-14) Gonal F + HCG trigger=BFN Benched for 2 weeks due to cysts. Placed on BCP
    IUI #3 (4-7-14) Gonal F + HCG trigger=BFN Benched for 3 weeks due to 6 cysts. Placed on BCP

    IVF#1 Lupron 10iu, Menopur 150iu, Gonal F 400iu, HCG trigger
    ER#1 (6-3-14) 9 Eggs, 8 Fertilized, 
    ET#1 (6-8-14) 2 Day 5 Blastocysts transferred
    6-20-14 BFP 12dp5dt Beta 114.9
                          15dp5dt Beta 365
    Low progesterone start PIO/Crinone
    6-23-14 Ultrasound shows no sac. Beta dropped. Chemical.
    IVF#2 Menopur 150iu, Gonal F450iu, Ganirelix, Lupron trigger
    ER#2 8-13-14 7 Eggs, 3 Fertilized and frozen
    FET scheduled for 10-11-14
    FET Canceled due to thin lining

    IVF #2  Fresh Cycle Scheduled for December 2014

  • Nothing happening here.
    I have a head cold so Jo made a short appearance at a party we were invited to and then came home to be with me to ring in 2015. I just want to go to bed, but I still have another hour... lol
    I'm 35, DW is 33
    Together since Dec 2007
    Married since 18 June 2011

    TTC #1
    1st IUI - trigger, 9 July 14 at midnight, IUI - 11 July 14 at noon - BFP!!
    10 Dec 14 - Lost our Baby Girl to Hydrops & Cycstic Hygroma due to Turner Syndrome
    TTC #2
    2nd IUI - hoping to try for our Rainbow in the Spring
  • Happy I went to sleep last night at 10:00 because here it is 6:00 am and both boys are up for morning playtimes. We watched Gone Girl on Amazon instant video last night, having read the book there were no surprises. Today we watch the Rose parade and Go Ducks!!

    Happy 2015!

    A & K, married 7/1/13.

    After 10 months of ttc via medicated IUIs and two early losses, we finally got our boys- Perfect premie twins born 5/27/14.



  • We had Sonic for dinner and spent the night in a red roof inn in michigan outside of Detroit on our way from my parents' place in Chicago to @Manada's grandparents' place in Chatham, Ontario where we will spend a few hours today then head back to Toronto.
    We did stay up until midnight but it was mostly an accident facilitated by the time change between Chicago and Michigan.
    ****loss discussed*****

    We're queer. I'm 33, have severe stage 4 endo, and had both fallopian tubes removed. My love ("Manada" on the boards, 32) was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve. We did Partner IVF (my eggs, her uterus). We lost our twins Tavin and Casey at 21 weeks gestation.

    Our IUIs
    with @Manada: IUI# 1-7 (December 2012- September 2013) all BFN. Tried natural, femara, clomid, puregon/follistim, clomid and menopur combo, both the ovidrel and HCG triggers.

    Our IVFs:
    IVF #1 my eggs November/December 2013: Cancelled IVF due to poor response

    IVF #2 my eggs/Manada's uterus January/February 2014
    BCPs and lupron overlap Stimmed: 1/22-2/2: Bravelle and Menopur (dosage ranged from B300 and M150 to B375 and M150 to B300 and M225)
    2/4 retrieved 10 eggs. Endo was much worse than expected. Only 3 eggs fertilized; February 7 transferred two day 3 embryos, froze one. All great condition.
    BFP eve of 6dp3dt; Beta 1 (11dp3dt): 110; Beta 2 (13dp3dt): 175; Beta 3 (15dp3dt): 348; Beta 4 (19dp3dt): 2222; Beta 5 (21dp3dt): 4255
    1st ultrasound (3/6  6w 1d): TWINS!!!! Twin A measuring 6w1d with a heartbeat of 118bpm. Twin B measuring 6w0d with a heartbeat of 113bpm. 

    ***July 18, 2014 we lost our beautiful babies at 21 weeks gestation. They were born too early. Tavin Sara T. and Casey Elizabeth T. are beautiful and precious and we will love them and miss them forever.***

    FET #1 December 2014
    Intralipid infusion on Dec 10. Transfer of 1 day 3 nine-cell embryo into my uterus on Dec. 19. (acupuncture immediately before and after)
    BFP on Dec. 27; Beta 1 Jan 2 (14dp3dt): 665, Beta 2 Jan 4 (16dp3dt): 1859, Beta 3 Jan 6 (18dp3dt): 4449, Beta 4 Jan 10 (22dp3dt): 12,251.

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  • We went to Medevil Times for the 6:30 show and were home by 9. Kids said they wanted to stay awake for the new year so we tried to watch some of the NYE shows with them, but they were so inappropriate (and we aren't terribly conservative about what they watch...) and the kids were fading. They went to bed at 9:30 to read and were asleep within minutes. L started watching Call the Midwives and she fell asleep before 10. LOL. So I rang in the new year alone while reading/texting with co-workers/catching up  FB posts.

    On New Years Day Gray and L ran a 5k, we went to brunch/lunch, ran an errand and then the kids played while L and I watched a movie/napped/read. We finally got moving and L cleaned out the linen closet while I fixed dinner and then we did some yoga together as a family.

    I am at work today. L is home ironing/continuing her decluttering madness and the kids are in camp. 
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