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GF's trying to get involved

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So BD has had two girlfriends since we ended our relationship.  The first one was a total crazy and she couldn't keep her mouth shut since day one.  She was trying to run his life and our custody and child support when they had only been dating a few months.  Well they spilt up after less than two years and now he has a new GF for the past year. 

She went to HS with us and the few times I have seen her we have been friendly.  I thought things were smooth sailing from here on out.  Well I guess not.  A few nights ago at 9 pm I got a text from his phone asking for details on our court order and at the end it said this is from GF. 

So clearly she is feeling insecure because him and I have become more friendly lately (not hostile no fighting no arguing etc.).  Also she knows that my FI and I are not together anymore. (just happened two weeks ago) Things were going fine so there was no reason why he couldn't have asked me if there was any questions.  I emailed him asking if he had any questions and why she contacted me and he never replied.  I seriously just have to laugh because to me it is a sign there is trouble in paradise.

Re: GF's trying to get involved

  • Wow, how pathetic on her end. I would have just laughed too. She probably shouldn't be with someone who has a child from a previous relationship if she can't handle him and the mother of his child talking on a regular basis. It's part of co-parenting and you and BD being friendly is better for the child involved, she should realize that.
    As far as the custody order, doesn't he have a copy of it? It's more than nice of you to answer questions HE may have but ones I've seen are pretty black and white so there shouldn't be too many questions unless HE wants to change something up and needs you to agree to as well in writing.
    His GF is pretty immature and you're definitely right about there being trouble in paradise.
  • I just want to say sorry about your relationship with FI.  I'm sure it hurts now, but I hope in time, you get to sink into this time alone, figuring out what YOU really want out of life, a partner, etc.

    Hang in there.
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