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Any RNs out there?

Just curious on how you handle Christmas if you have to work. I will be starting my first RN job next month and I'm sure I will have to work this first year. It will be my LOs first Christmas she will actually care about and I don't want to miss it.

Re: Any RNs out there?

  • What about Christmas eve morning (if you don't work). It sounds like she is young enough that she won't know the difference.

    This is one of the reasons I chose the RN job that I am in. I hated the weekends and holidays.
  • MIL is an RN and has to work either Christmas Eve or Christmas unless she requests vacation time that week.  This has been the case at all of the hospitals she has worked (military wife so lots of different hospitals).
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  • My coworker makes her own Christmas when she's off. Her kids leave all presents under the tree until a day or two after Christmas.

    I've been fortunate to not work Christmas. Or I work Christmas night shift. Like work Christmas Eve and Christmas night..
  • I have had to work on Christmas.  We just do Santa on Christmas eve morning. 

    I kind of love working on Christmas because we don't have to do all of the bickering with my family and DH's family about where we will be that actual day.  We will be at work, so everyone can pick a different day to celebrate with us. 

  • We usually had to work either Thanksgiving or Christmas (but not both!) when I was a floor nurse and I would volunteer for Thanksgiving ASAP to get out of working Christmas. Then we'd have Thanksgiving on Black Friday.

    I did this maybe three years in a row. Worked for me!
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  • Thanks! I was thinking Christmas Eve morning would work out since she is still young. Hopefully by next year I can find a Mon-Fri job. 
  • I used to work night shift into Christmas. Then get home for presents and breakfast then Id sleep for a while in the afternoon.

    I work 9-5 now but the only day we have off is Christmas-not even Christmas eve. its me and another nurse-one of us is required to be here so we decide between ourselves who works when.
  • Some friends in different situations (divorced with kids or FT Firefighters working their 24 on Christmas) say santa came early because of the situation. One of them has a 7 year old and they really don't know the difference even then :)

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  • At my current job, we do set holidays that switch every other year. I worked Christmas Eve, next year Christmas. I know some just get their kids up really early to have them open presents, but most just do it on Christmas Eve instead
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  • Not an RN, but medical nonetheless- I was on call this year for xmas morning and I warned my husband that if I get called in, Im waking LO up for him to see his big present. The girl who had to work just had xmas the day before. 
  • My mom is an RN and I remember Christmas Eve being a really big, special day on the years she had to work. She mostly didn't have to work, though... I have no clue how she pulled that off! 
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  • Not an RN but my H is LE and has had to work christmas at times (and may in the future). In the past she didn't know the difference and we did it on xmas eve. For the future I've toyed around with telling Santa made a special exception to visit our house Christmas Eve Eve since daddy has to work...
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    I was always fortunate enough that if I had to work xmas, I would work the pm or noc shift. When I switched to day shift, I had an agreement with another RN that I would always work New Year's if she worked xmas. I'm a manager now so I don't have to work holidays anymore, thank god! I have had to work holidays since I was 16 until I took this job a year ago.
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  • I want to pitch in and say when I arrived in the ER (many, many, many) years ago ago with a chance mound fracture on Christmas Day, I was mighty grateful to all of the hospital employees who took such wonderful care of me.

    You make a difference.
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  • Compound! Compound fracture. Damned autocorrect and damned bump with dodgy edit feature!
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