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New to CD - Diaper Pail Question

Good Morning Ladies!  Happy Last Day of 2014.

I am expecting LO#2 and we are planning to CD.  I already have the pail liners, but what should I use for a diaper pail? I saw in the FAQ thread that you suggest to leave the lid open, should I just get a pail with no lid? Or get one with a lid, but take it off if things start to stink?   I think I'm over thinking this.

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Re: New to CD - Diaper Pail Question

  • We also have a cheap kitchen trash can.  It came with a lid, but we've never used it.

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  • We have a step can from simplehuman with a locking lid. I thought I would get the lock in case the dog was interested in the diapers, but turns out he doesn't care. And it's not at all airtight so the diapers still get plenty of airflow.

    It did come in handy for a while, when DS started to get mobile and got interested in putting things in the diaper pail that weren't dirty, and taking dirty things out. He eventually figured out the lock, but now he is old enough to know that I want him to stay out of the bin. For the most part.

  • We have a cheap step-can.
    We leave the lid off, except when we have guests over, then we put the lid on.
    Our diaper pail is in the living room, we put the lid on for appearance, not stink prevention.
  • Thanks Ladies!
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  • Hi @HailsMom‌ !! Nice to see another F15 mom here :)

    I am planning to use a step trash can for the nursery mostly because that is what I have. If that has stink issues, I'll get a big laundry basket or switch to a different trashcan. For downstairs, I will have a big wet bag hung on hooks in our bathroom closet. But of course I can only tell you what I plan to do, not how it works.
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