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36wks tooth infection

Last week got a tooth infection dentist closed till the 5th. Ob started me on amoxicillin and a mild pain med. Worried ill need a root canal. And im so close to my due date anyone else have tooth infection issue?

Re: 36wks tooth infection

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    Mouth infections are no joke. I haven't dealt with that, but I did have two teeth pulled when I was pregnant with my son without issue.
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    Dentiat cant get me in till next week checked with my OB he says i ahould be ok as long as i finish my antibiotics. Hoping this is true!!
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    Yes!  I went for a checkup like 6 months ago and they told me I would need a root canal and crown on one of my teeth but said I could wait til post baby.  Well, I'm supposed to be induced this week and wouldn't you know it the damn filling fell out on Friday!  I was able to get an emergency appointment and they put in a temp filling but to keep the tooth from fracturing but they told me to be extra careful on that side and that I would need the root canal right after baby got here.  AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!!!  Gonna have to get some chicklets and crazy glue :)
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