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When do you think is an appropriate time to start painting their nails? I can't wait to do it but I don't want to seem tacky or anything along those lines. What do you think?

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  • I personally think they are a little young. Like pp, there's not a chance my LO would sit still to get them done or let them dry. I also hate the look of chipping nail polish, and I wouldn't use remover on her at this age. I think with DD I'll wait until she asks.

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  • I can't wait to do this too, but I think it will be a while. My cousin's daughter is almost 2 and she had her nails painted, but I can't imagine my DD staying still long enough for me to even so one nail. I can't even clip her nails!
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    We painted DD's nails with Piggy Polish when she was about 6 months old... haha. We got it as a stocking stuffer and we were going on vacation. :)  It was adorable, and really challenging... haha.  ETA Just her toes... Fingernails would be impossible.

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  • When she can understand a little better that it needs to dry, and when she can get excited about having her nails painted. Probably around 2 but I just might do her toes this summer!
  • We did toes way early... I got flamed a tiny bit for it on here but o well.... I will probably do toys again in the spring/summer. I usually paint them at night that way they can dry. We probably won't try fingers for a while, she wouldn't let them dry, probably wouldn't even let me get them painted.
  • I started DD1 at 2.5. She loves it.

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  • All great points, thanks! Happy new year!!!
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