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  • I just googled fluff love so I could look at their survey, and noticed their website has the tag line "it's not just laundry, it's your baby" Is that a reaction to the old "it's just laundry" name of the cd tech support page? The fluffers must be feeling threatened!
    Oh honey....don't call them "fluffers" that has a whole other meaning lmao.

    Oh, I know ;)
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  • The thing I found really weird is that one of the admin for the group had never seen the Pin Stripes and Polka Dot's lost or the the other laundry list. She told me they are doing their own "research" and are trying to get Mythbusters to do their stuff. It's all a bit much. I don't see any of them working as a chemist doing an actual fact based experiment with real perameters. It's all screaming pseudo science and Fox news level of tactics.

    I personally would roll with laughter if they actually got a real, (and independent) science test done and it totally confirmed the opposite of what they preach for most people. I will concede that their way (or at least parts of it) does work for some people so they're not 100% wrong, I just wish they'd learn that they're far from 100% correct.

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  • I suspect that Country Save probably HAS done actual scientific tests, given that they make the Bum Genius branded detergent.
  • Real diaper association is trying to do some actual real science. At least around yeast.
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  • This reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw the other day: When I play with it, it gets bigger.

    It was on the back of a pickup with a lift kit and mud tires.


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