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Low Supply..Advice!

My baby girl is 4 weeks old now. I am still only producing about 2-3 oz total when I pump. I am feeding her on demand and am pumping typically 2-3 times a day. I feel like she is not getting enough during feedings as usually she sits on there for about an hour or so. She drifts off, but if i completely remove her she wakes up crying and starts feeding again. At this point in her age, how much milk should i be producing? Does anyone have any tips to help raise supply? I struggled with supply with my first and I really wanted to be able to do it more so this time around. Any advice is appreciated!

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  • Are you getting this much on top of nursing full time or just when you pump to replace a feeding? Average amount is 1/2 to 1 oz per day if you are pumping in addition to breastfeeding on demand and it sounds like you are getting more than that. My little one would nurse for an hour at that age. Most of it comfort sucking.
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  • like PP said, it's normal to only pump an ounce or two if you are nursing full-time and not skipping any feedings. does your LO have plenty of wet and dirty diapers? is your pediatrician happy with her weight gain? if yes to both, i would not worry at all. just keep feeding your LO on demand and your supply should regulate to meet her needs.
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  • Possibly a growth spurt too

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  • Cluster feeding happens so often early on! She is likely just super hungry. Breast massages and massaging the lymph node area near your armpit helped my milk supply. Try that before pumping and my pedoatrician advised me to pump in the morning (when milk supply is the fullest) and to pump consistently at the same times daily.
  • I think that's a great amount and would never think that's "low supply". Why are you pumping 2-3x/day? You're doing great :)

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