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Birthday Parties

So E turns 3 soon.

I want to throw a small party for her.  I plan to invite her classmates from daycare but here is my issue:

She's currently in the 2's room, but she'll be moving to the 3's room on the 5th.  Her birthday party would be on the 10th.

Do I invite all of the kids in the 2's and 3's room?  I'm leaning toward that.  I'm guessing 5-10 kids will probably show up, but I don't want to invite only certain kids.

Also, do I need to plan any activities or games?

I'll have cake, cookies, chili, hot dogs, jello cups, juice, milk, fruit, veggies, and cheese.  I'm thinking of setting up a place to color pictures (themed print outs and washable crayons sets) and her toys will be out.

Also, it wouldn't be bad to have beer and wine on hand?  I'll be inviting some of our friends over as well (we have several friends with kids).  I'd have water available as well.

Re: Birthday Parties

  • I think inviting 2s and 3s is good. 

    All the kids parties that I've gone to have run fine without planned activities. Kids are creative, even when there aren't toys they'll find ways to play with each other. Between eating, presents, socializing, etc I think it's too much stress on you to have to moderate planned activities too.

    I personally think alcohol at a kids party is weird and not appropriate, but I know that varies a lot regionally and in different social circles.
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  • As a new mom I would love booze at a birthday party.



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  • I haven't been to a ton of kids parties yet. And I have no idea what is expected (other than cake).

    I'll stick with juice, milk, water, and a small variety of soda.

    We went to one Halloween party, they had wine out but no beer.
  • I don't have kids, but all of my cousins, my sister, and many of my friends do. I have noticed that birthday parties that have more of a BBQ vibe usually have booze. Ones that have younger parents and childless attendees usually have booze. If it's more family and close friends, booze.

    The ones I've been to without are the kind where people drop off their kids for a few hours with a present and come back later.
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  • We always have beer and wine at our functions. No one has more than one or two, but that's totally normal in our area and our social circle.

    I'm not ready for your E to be 3!!
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  • I'm not either!
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