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help 2.5 year old sleep issue

So we recently gave up the nuk at bedtime /nap time and it has been bumpy. I'm 17 weeks pregnant and E now wants to be rocked to sleep and when he wakes up in the middle of the night rocked again. Not sure how to get him back sleeping through the night and not taking 2 hours to fall asleep or having me or DH go in to tell him to get back in his bed multiple times. Taking stuff away doesn't seem to be working.


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Re: help 2.5 year old sleep issue

  • Urgh I'm having the exact same issue. I keep trying to sneak in their room once they have fallen asleep and steal it away. That way they don't get used to sleeping with it, just falling asleep. Then once they get a bit older maybe try taking it away altogether. It's been a rough one. :( GL!
  • I agree with Nicb. 

    Also, does your son have another comfort item to use? Before taking the paci away from DS, we made sure that he had another item to turn to. In his case, a blanket. Now whenever he is feeling distressed or is going to bed, he grabs his blanket and loves that thing. If your son doesn't already have a comfort item, I would suggest finding him one... it can be a lovey, or stuffed toy, or blanket, whatever he likes, and offer it every time he is in distress so he can grow an attachment to it that will replace the pacifier. 
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