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New Years Resolutions

I know, I know, but it's a slow day at work :) What are your NY's resolutions or goals for 2015?
Mine are:
1. pay off credit card debt
2. Try to make space to work out three days a week
3. Learn to french braid 
4. Take a hip hop dance class
Any one else?

Re: New Years Resolutions

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    2015 will be a big year for us because we are moving into our forever home and since we follow Dave Ramsey's plan we will be starting in on Baby Steps 4, 5, and 6.  So our family and my personal "resolutions" (goals) are:

    1.  DH and I to have more couple time  
    2.  fully fund DH and my retirement
    3.  start contributing monthly into DS's and DD's 529s
    4.  lose weight (me). Especially the 10 lbs I've gained this last 6 months
    5.  work on lowering my 5k time
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    I like to pick 12 resolutions in January, one to focus on for each month. Otherwise I get bored by the spring time.

    January: Bitch and complain less, especially about my mom.

    February: Continue running, train for a 1/2 marathon (Feb 22).

    March: Get better at laundry (treating stains, ironing and putting it away specifically).

    April: Grow my hair out. I have a hard time not cutting it but I'm ready for a change. I'm due for a cut then if I go by my old salon schedule, plus I always get an itch for change in the spring.

    May: Go one month without spending any money other than at the gas station and grocery store. Also a good way to build a little emerg fund for when I go on mat leave.

    June: Finish reading/listening to the Bible by the time I turn 30 on the 23rd.

    July: Think about others more, specifically DH. Appropriate b/c it's his bday this month and he'll be working crazy overtime.

    August: Use my phone less in front of the kids. I'll be on mat leave so this will be challenging!

    September: Master meal-planning before I go back to work.

    October: Run a 1/2 marathon post-baby.

    November: Be proactive with Christmas prep, make gifts for friends.

    December: Come up with new resolutions!

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    @potbellypig‌ that is such a good idea! I may have to do a version of this!
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    Pay off debt, be more thoughtful and organized with my finances, meditate more, excercise more and get over my fear of botulism and finally learn how to can. I've been making freezer jellies and sauces for years and years. Time to finally learn to can.
    IVF, acupuncture, meditation and a miracle. 


     Our sweet Valentine's Day FET.


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    @potbellypig - What a great list.
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    Keep up my "fried food no more than twice a week" rule. (Stop laughing. I'm dead serious. My French fry addiction is a thing to behold.) Quit swearing as much as I do now. Work more veggies into our diet. Explore new recipes. Get a hobby. Don't wait until December to complete all my continuing legal education credits for the year. (A win: last year I finished CLE on Dec 30... Vowed to complete them earlier this year. Completed them Dec 23. Oh yeah baby. Progress.)
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