Baby not taking bottle

My baby is 8 weeks old and has inconsistently taken the bottle.  Dad gives it to him.  In the last week he's completely refused despite multiple attempts everyday.  We've bought different kinds of bottles and different types of nipples.  Any solutions?

Re: Baby not taking bottle

  • LO refused the bottle for about 2 months.  We tried all different kinds of bottles, nipples, sippy cups, etc... and in the end, we went back to the original bottle which was the Como Tomo.  It helped for us (and I really mean my H) to: warm his milk up a LOT, offer him a bottle daily but don't fight it, and feed him in his bouncy seat.  If my H tried to hold him and feed him the bottle, forget it!  As hard as it might be, try not to stress.  LO was consistently inconsistent with the bottle until I went back to work and he now has no issues going back and forth between the boob and bottle.  GL!  
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