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We haven't quite hit the 1 year mark yet, but we have started the paperwork to update our homestudy so I thought it would be nice to update our profile as well.  Not much has changed except I did loose some weight so I know I want to update some of our pictures for sure. 

For those of you who did update their profiles, did you do a totally new one or just update the information/some pictures?  I keep going back and forth whether to do a full blown new one or just update as necessary.

Thanks everyone!  Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and best of luck to everyone in the New Year! :) 

J&B // Married 9/19/09
J: 28 // B: 32 

TTC # 1 Since October 2010 (Not preventing since 2009)
November 2013: Applied & Accepted by the Agency
January 2014: Home Study, education class, Profiles
February 2014: "Officially Waiting"

Re: Updating our Profile

  • We updated ours (at the approaching 1 year mark with home study update) for our second adoption-we changed some photos and also some text- mainly because our child is now a year older and we wanted it to reflect that!
  • We just changed a few things (ages, years being at our jobs, etc.) to reflect that a year had passed. Next year I think we'll also change a few pictures. I liked the layout though, so I kept that the same.
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