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Best car seat stroller combo?

What is the best car seat/ stroller combo? I'm looking for a lightweight stroller that has storage and Would prefer not to have a bulky car seat. I have a 2011 Honda Pilot.

Re: Best car seat stroller combo?

  • Based on your question, am guessing you're looking for an infant seat rather going straight to a convertible seat? Do you have a specific budget in mind?

    There is a group called Carseats For the Littles on Facebook, they are great for input/advice on specific seats; especially of you're trying to fit multiple seats in the back. seem to recall that the Pilot has seating for 7? If am thinking of right vechilce, have read that it is a wonderful vechicle for carseats.

    CSFTL has a list of reccomended seats at variety of price points. Two years ago, went with a Graco Snugride 35 (any of theirs numbered 30 or higher will fit an average new born). Have friend who went with Chico Keyfit 30. I think hers was a smaller / less bulky seat and base compared to ours. However Graco came out with a more recent version of the Snugride & I swear it is smaller than whay we had. There are many other fantastic seats that will fit new borns (both average sized & smaller babies), but there are also some that have harness slots that are simply too high for it to fit the typical new born. link for their list:

    Sounds like you would probably want a snap-n-go type stroller for using while you use an infant seat. Later you can get a regular stroller. Many of the infant seats can be purchased seperatly from the stroller & that way you can determine what seat & stroller will best meet your needs.
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  • I believe I've decided to get the Chicco KeyFit 30 Magic and the Baby Jogger City Mini GT for the stroller.
  • I think that's a wonderful choice. The keyfit is a great car seat and you won't have any problem fitting it in such a big vehicle.

    The city mini GT is awesome, I have it in a double. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
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  • Glad to hear you think the city mini is awesome!
  • Does anyone know if the convertible all in one car seats have the handle to carry infant around in like the infant car seats? I would like to buy an all in one.
  • The only recommended all in one seat is the Graco 4Ever and no, it doesn't not have a handle.  It remains in the car.
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    We have this graco travel system and absolutely love it! its light & easy to use
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  • The City Mini with the car seat adapter.  Kick ass stroller with your car seat of choice :)
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  • Britax B-Safe and B-Agile fit really well in my small car. It's a great stroller too.
  • I am still in love with my Baby Jogger City Select and Key Fit car seat 5 years later.
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  • I have a very small car and have the Chicco Neuvo stroller and Keyfit 30 infant seat. It's smaller and lighter weight than the Graco infant seat, and the stroller isn't a full sized bulky one that takes up half a car. Now if you plan to use a stroller a lot you might want to consider a more expensive/higher quality one, but the Neuvo works great for once or twice a week pushing it around the park for a walk. 

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Graco's 3 in 1 modes click connect travel system. 

    The stroller is AMAZING. Huge storage under the stroller, fully reclinable bassinet, bassinet can be easily switched to be parent facing or away facing, you can completely remove the bassinet and click in the carseat making the system very light (most travel systems dont have removable bassinet). 

    Its only con is that its not very smooth ride on non-paved roads which is non issue for me since we live in siburbs with all paved roads everywhere and we dont hike or off road. DD is 18 months and I never felt the need to buy any secondary stroller. This one is truly all I ever needed.

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    I love the Britax travel system! We actually just bought our second for baby number 2 (they are 5 years apart) but we have a big vehicle so I am not sure how it would fit in something small.
    Babies 'R' Us will let you test their models in store to see how they will fit in your car. You may need to call ahead and ask when someone will be available to assist, but I highly recommend!
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