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NYE plans

So what's everyone's plans for New Years Eve?

I don't usually stay up and celebrate as my bday is soon after so it's all just a little too much for my boring homebody self. I think this year though I'll treat myself to a movie, bottle of champagne and a steak dinner at home. I'm sure I'll be in bed by 10pm (:| .

Re: NYE plans

  • We are hosting a small party with all of our friends that don't have exciting plans already. Haha. We have a ton of snacks, drinks, and we will play some games. We blow up a ton of balloons and at midnight we go crazy and pop them all, as per DH's childhood tradition. :)

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  • After the girls are in bed we make appetizers, drink wine / champagne and play Big Bang theory trivia game while watching New Years rocking eve and TRY to stay up to midnight !

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  • We are hopefully having a fire if it's not raining. A few neighbors may drop by. Otherwise it will be DH and I, some chicken wing dip, some alcohol and hoping to stay up to watch the ball drop. :)
  • My girlfriend is having a kid friendly, catered party. BYO pack-n-play ;-) everyone can crash there!

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  • We are going out to dinner with our friends and the kids at a Japanese Steak House (this will be in the early evening).
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  • In a perfect world someone would offer to watch DD over night but no one wants to keep her because she's too challenging. I'm sure my New Year's Eve plans will be the same as a regular night since we bed share and she needs me with her all night. I'm bummed but what can ya do!

    I'll get some frozen yogurt at Menchies and something delicious for supper to make up for not being able to do anything that night!
  • We are having people over on the first to watch the Bama game. We probably won't do anything for New Years Eve. It would be too much.
  • We just found out that DH has to work New Years Day. Well technicallyyyy he doesn't haveeee to because it's his normal day off. But if he does, he gets holiday pay which is double his hourly rate. And we could reallyyyy use it. So we'll probably just hang out as usual. Maybe stay up until midnight. But that's probably it. :/
  • I have to work for a couple of hours this morning then I'll likely try to take the tree down and we'll eat left overs and go to bed before 10.....We're super exciting! Tomorrow DH aunt I'd coming down for lunch and doing Christmas with them. So that will be fun.
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