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    I am with you on one facet of this - the pinkifying of....everything.  My girls had a set of pink and purple tinker toys.  My son plays with them and I have no issue with it, but I was annoyed that they existed in the first place.  Your line of thinking extends to all of these sorts of things - girls aren't architects - they build flowers, so cute (sarcasm).  The Barbie career series has similar flaws (hello it is Barbie, I know that....)....
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    I just wanted to say that we started watching doc mcstuffins because of this thread. I wanted my 3 year-old son to see a show with a female lead. We went to see his first movie over the holidays (madagascar 4) and i noticed there was only one female character and it was a sexy owl! and he loves Doc. I think it's a good show.
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    My daughter hasn't been interested in Doc McStuffins at all.  Honestly, I'm a little disappointed, because it's hard to find books, movies and tv shows with black female leads. 
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    I don't agree that a profession would see a pay decrease because it is seen as more caring and feminine. Pay is determined by supply and demand - there's not a ton of people that went to medical school so doctors are well paid. If they are getting paid less there's either more doctors available or less openings for them. Nothing to do with gender.
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