Pregnant after 35

For those of you who had kids before age 35

How does this 35+ pregnancy compare to prior pregnancies?

This is my second, and my first was age 33. I was in much better shape physically going into this one. I was working out regularly, eating right, weighed less, etc. BUT...I feel significantly worse with this one. I feel OLD. The aches and pains are worse. The sleep is worse. The m/s and heartburn is worse. The fatigue is worse. My blood pressures are always borderline at every checkup. I'm gaining more weight. My feet are more swollen.

I don't know if I should blame my age, or the fact that I have a toddler to chase around, or that my work hours changed (more hours, less intense), or what. It's probably a combination of all of the above. But I just wondered how the rest of you are doing, compared to younger pregnancies.

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Re: For those of you who had kids before age 35

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    I'm not far enough along to fully feel the difference yet. But my dd was born I was only 28 now @ 36/37 when baby will be born I'm a bit nervous. Hang in there mama
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    I have had 3 children before 35 and now one after 35. This ones is so much more difficult. I am physically more tired and in more pain. I do think age plays into it.
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    I also had 3 kids before 35. Pregnant with my 4th child at 36.
    I never had ms until this pregnancy and I have been extremely, extremely tired most of this pregnancy compared to the others.
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    I had my first at 29 and second at 32...I'll be 37 when this one is born. I'm still really early too, but lord am I tired. I remember being pretty exhausted w my second as well...having another kid around while being in your 1st trimester is tough at any age!
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    1st at 25 - Sailed right was a glorious pregnancy.
    2nd at 38 - Morning sickness until 5 months, months 6-8 were great, then the last month was hell on earth!
    3rd at 43 - I have been completely exhausted and/or in some sort of pain every single day of this pregnancy.  I am gaining weight much faster with this one too. 

    I definitely think age plays a role!  Also, every pregnancy is different.  It's possible that the next one would be a great pregnancy.  :)

    The only upside for me is getting to see the baby more.  With my first I had 1 ultrasound....2nd had 5....3rd by the end of the pregnancy I will have had 12!

    Good luck to you! 
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    I was 20 years old and pregnant with my daughter.  I turned 21 two months before she was born.  I remember being scared and insecure all the time.  I was a broke college student, unwed, and too proud to go home.  No bus fare so I walked every where.  I wound up in the hospital with dehydration.  My doctors were concerned because I didn't gain enough because I didn't have a lot of food (mainly because of the pride thing).  I worked temp jobs until 36 weeks.  My daughter was born at 38 weeks.  She was healthy and amazing.  After struggling for another year I swallowed my pride and went home to mom and dad.  Stayed there until I could go back to school and work my way through as a part-time student and full time employee.

    Now fast forward to 18 years later and here I am.  Feeling much more secure in life but like this is totally new. This time with a supportive spouse and the same loving family.  But a little more worried because ignorance was bliss.  Those younger years were like head down and power through. The fears were in what you don't know. Now there are the fears because of what you do know.

    Overall this has been nice. I feel like life is slower so I can enjoy more of it. I feel happy and really hope all goes well, still early.

    Outside of that I ate an entire medium Pizza Hut pepperoni pan pizza within a 24 hour period and my intestines hated me for it. So I feel your pain.  My ankles and fingers are swollen so I am off the junk for a bit and am sipping dandelion root tea.

    Hang in there :-)
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    I was really tired with my first at 30. My second I had horrible round ligament pain and gallbladder problems at 34. This one I'm 42 and is probably my easiest, except for a varicose vein. But even that isn't too bad except after sex. Not sure how labour will go since I don't feel like I'm in as godd shape as I was for the other 2.
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    Well I think it was easier to be pregnant when I was 31 as opposed to 37 like I am now.  But I also think that's because at 31 I had no kids and I could come home and rest and relax.  Now, I have a 6 yr old and a 2 yr old at home so rest and naps are like fantasies! lol  I'm only 18 weeks so I don't have a lot of aches and pains yet.. just exhaustion.  But I anticipate having sciatica again.  I had that pretty bad with my daughter.. I was 35 when I was pregnant with her and some days I could hardly even stand up. it was pretty bad.  I'm sure I'll have that again once I get bigger.  
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    I don't know, b/c my first was at 33 so that's really not much different. If I could compare 23 to 39 that would be interesting. I just think that the first pregnancy is usually easiest. After that, they are a bit harder b/c your body is more "stretched out." And, b/c you have other kids around! My first pregnancy, in hindsight, was totally wonderful b/c I could just come home, eat dinner, watch TV, and totally pamper myself the whole time. It's much harder with little ones to take care of. I don't think 39 has been any harder than 35 or 37, though. Just each one a little different in its own way.
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    DS was born when I was 28, then DS was born when I was 36. I felt much more tired the first time, and not at all the second. I attributed it to the fact that with a full time job, DH travelling for work, and an 8yo to take care of I didn't have time to be tired! But this time around I'm exhausted and terrible MS (which I never had with either). I feel like such an unhealthy lump - all I want to do is get home from work, cuddle the kids and plop on the couch. I think that earlier poster was right that every pregnancy is different - or at least that's my excuse at the moment...
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    I had three pregnancies in my late teens to early twenties and at 37/38 this is a completely new ballgame. I felt fantastic through my three earlier pregnancies but I definitely feel old with this one. I really think age can play a big factor in how you feel.
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    I was 30 when daughter born. I had nausea first trimester but nothing like this. I was also much thinner than. I worry now that I'm 40 because I did have preterm labor at 30 and was on bed rest from week 32 to week 36 when daughter was born. It was scary.
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    I had my first at age 24 and that was an easy pregnancy - very little morning sickness, never felt like I was in pain, had tons of energy. I had my second at 30 and that was a little bit more rough - terrible morning sickness the first trimester but the remainder of the pregnancy was pretty good. Now, at 36, I'm 22 weeks and I will say I had a rough first trimester, mostly due to extreme fatigue. I feel much more achy with this one and I anticipate the third trimester isn't going to be very fun. I definitely believe it was easier when I was younger, but I wouldn't trade this for anything.
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    My 1st was at age 17 (sailed through) 2nd age 24 (sailed through) the 3rd at age 28 was much harder as I was overweight (borderline obese). Currently 17 weeks with my 4th and aged 41! I was the healthiest and fittest in my entire life before conceivement, i excersized everyday, but nothing prepared me for the fatigue of the first 10 weeks!! I felt like I was drugged with heavy meds and every waking moment felt like every step was wading chest deep in water. I am so glad that has passed and I'm over the tired phase. All I can say, is, I never had anywhere near as much fatigue in any of my other pregnancies. Only difference is my age
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    Young Mommy
    19 with DD1
    = intense swelling due to pre-eclampsia, sleepiness, and such bad morning sickness that I lost weight my first trimester. (I was one month away from being 20)
    22 with DS1 = mild morning sickness during 3rd trimester, migraines occasionally, sleepiness, got a kidney infection that KILLED me with pain but wasn't the babies fault.
    Old Mommy
    35 with DD2 = morning sickness off and on whole pregnancy, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, exhaustion, memory loss (I was totally worthless at work) and total intolerance for meat.
    38 now and 6 wks preggo = sleepiness, back ache (doing my sciatica stretches) mild indigestion. 

    I am hopeful that the symptoms really due line up with the baby and not with age!
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    Sailed through pregnancy at 26 now at 36 ms constipation horrible mood swings back pain long story short way harder this time around
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    I was 24 when pregnant with my first.  I am now 42.  The only thing for me is I have been pretty much pregnant or breastfeeding nonstop for the past...well its nearly 18 year now!!!  Generally I feel no different from when I was 24 til now. The more you have, however, the more aches and pains you get like in your round ligaments etc.  I wouldn't necessarily say its age related rather than multiple pregnancy related I guess. 

    With 7 children I am pretty busy so I can't let aches or pains slow me my husband will not hear of me complaining...he would flip it does me no good.  Pregnancies symptoms have been pretty consistent with each pregnancy I have had.  I do think, however, I have felt much more irritable with this pregnancy than my others.  Not sure if that is age related or just do to the fact that I have a lot to deal with. 
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