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Alva 4 layer bamboo/mf inserts?

Ok, so now I have recently discovered the Alva 4 layer inserts! I read about it through this absorbency experiment on this blog (

I'm pretty convinced! Again, like I mentioned in a previous post, I'm looking to solve leaks at the legs. I'm working on the fit but I'm confident a lot of it is compression.

Anyone else use these??

Think they're better/same/worse than hemp? They're like $2 each so I'm hoping they're decent...

Re: Alva 4 layer bamboo/mf inserts?

  • The 4 layer inserts are 2 bamboo with 2 MF in the middle. My friend has some and they are okay, but not long lasting.

    Alva does make a 3 layer all bamboo insert. I hate MF and avoid it really at all costs.

    I wouldn't think they would be on par with 3 layer bamboo or hemp. But that's me...

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