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Tricare Prime and NT Scan

I have Tricare Prime (South region) and I'm wondering if they paid for your recent NT scan and/or labs. I know they covered the NT scan and the sequential screening bloodwork for me back in 2012 but we PCS'd when I was 20 weeks so I never had to go through the first half of pregnancy here (we were still in the South region before). I haven't had my first OB appt yet and haven't had a chance to call Tricare, just wanted to get some feedback.

Re: Tricare Prime and NT Scan

  • Yes they cover NT scans. I had mine done in November and it was 100% covered by Tricare. Some doctors (including mine) won't suggest it for you unless you are 35+ years of age. BUT, you can request to have it done regardless, which is what I did since I'm not AMA. Good luck!
  • Good to know, thank you!
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