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Ultrasound differences

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I have a question about ultrasounds and if anyone knows if a different machine could cause different results? This is my first pregnancy and have some concern about growth. I went to my first OB GYN appt last week and they measured my growth to be at 7 weeks 2 days which put me a week ahead of my lmp. 1 week later I had a bleed due to an SCH and had another ultrasound at the emergency room which measured me at 7 weeks, 3 days when according to the original scan I should have been at 8 weeks, 2 days at that point. Does anyone know if the difference could be due to the different ultrasound machines and/or the way the tech did the measurements? Each time I had a strong heartbeat. The first scan it was 134 bpm and the second scan a week later was 169. Seems like a good sign the bpm went up but I still have concerns. I will see my OB GYN again this week but if anyone has any experience with this I would appreciate the input. Thanks!

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  • Other than operator measurement differences, I had an experience this time around where the date generated on the screen was several days ahead of the date estimated by the computer/radiologist. The technologist had told me the date on the screen (6 days ahead of LMP), but my OB then told me the report gave a 'younger' date, closer to the LMP.  So I was obviously confused.  On my second scan the technologist warned that the date on the screen was not accurate, that I had to wait a minute for the computer-generated date, which was also closer to the LMP.  I hope it's something like that for you too.  
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  • It is always best to base off measurements prior to 12 weeks. The earlier the better I have been told week 8-10 is usually on target. I am dealing with same issue. I havent had a period in 5 yrs......found out we are pregnant on dec 4th had sono on dec 17th says 5 wks 5 days I go in New years eve lets hope its still close (according to last sono this one should be 7w 5days we will see)
  • The tech didn't update your info such as last period. Stick by the calender wheel and you will be fine.
  • Measurements can be off by a few days here and there with little bearing on the pregnancy. I measured 3 days ahead at my first ultrasound (I temp so I know when I ovulated). My due date is based on that measurement but really the baby will come whenever it wants so the date is fairly meaningless.

    If there was still a heart beat it's fine. Try not to worry.
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