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I totally just saw your post to me on the parenting thread... I am the WORST fangirl ever right now! We really do need to run into each other at Kohls... I actually badly need to go to Kohls to get the little one some new PJs. Just look for the mom holding the screaming kid by the little boy PJs. That will be me!!!!!!!

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TTC since June 2009
01/10- Femara
03/10- Femara
07/2010- Clomid with injectables and IUI #1
08/2010- IUI #2
06/2011- IVF #1 BFP!
09/2011- Miscarriage at 10 1/2 weeks
11/2011- FET
01/2012- Start Home Study process
03/2012- Home Study approved and now waiting on our child to find us!
07/2012- matched with a BM who is due in October!
11/10/12- our son is born!
11/13/12- court grants us custody!
 12/28/12- finalization! Always ours in our hearts, also ours forever


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