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Packing a lunch for baby


My 9 month old has just started eating 3 solid meals a day. So now I have to start figuring out what to feed him for lunch and what to send him to the babysitter's with when I go back to work next week. Does anyone have any good (and easy) lunch suggestions? I've been making my own baby food, so would like to continue doing that. So far, I've done soup and pasta. I don't want to feed him the same thing every day. Can he have lunch meat as long as it's a good brand? Is he too young for grilled cheese? 


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    Thank you everyone! I definitely wouldn't give him lunch meat every day. Any lunch meat I buy would have to be a higher quality (not cheap bologna). But I don't even eat it that often, so I wouldn't let him.
    msspeedymarie I'd love some recipes! I don't particularly like beans (texture thing), but he seems to like everything, so I'll give it a shot. He likes hummus and yogurt. I haven't tried cottage cheese yet. 
    If anyone has any quiche or veggie muffin recipes, that would be great. I do have a zucchini bread recipe. 
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    My daughter is 9.5 months old and in daycare so we have to send 2 meals a day for her. A few things I send, baked sliced apple, cheese, baby yogurt, steamed veggies, assorted fruit, bananas, sliced avocado and steamed squash. I try and mix it up so she doesn't have the same thing everyday. You can buy those small mixed fruit and veggie containers at the store so she has a variety of things to eat. Hope this helps!
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