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BM violated HIPPA

We awoke to a text from his bm saying she knows we're pregnant, the due date& details. she had her friend pull my medical records a year ago when we moved in together, now I fear she will ruin the surprise. 1) advice please! 2) how far can prosecution take place? HIPPA protects our privacy for a reason!

Re: BM violated HIPPA

  • Omgee wtf that is more like stalking! Please if u can prosecute her save those texts also
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  • Go straight to your Lawyer with this.  

    Unfortunately, BM did not break the HIPAA Law, but you never know how it can be used against her (BM).  

    As for the friend who pulled the records, her office/hospital needs to know what she is doing. 
  • You lost me at I'm pregnant now and they pulled my records a year ago.  Your record a year ago predicted you would be pregnant now?
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