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Teeth concerns

I've taken my 2 year old to the dentist, it's been 6 months or so and he said his teeth look good and to just make sure he gets fluoride when we brush. I brush his teeth every day but there is always some plaque that is still on his teeth. I want to scrub all of it off but my son won't sit still and if I scrub too hard his gums bleed. I don't want him to have bad teeth. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?
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Re: Teeth concerns

  • If it's been 6 months he's probably due for a checkup.
  • My two year old goes to the dentist every six months for cleanings, so I would just schedule an appointment if it's been that long since the last one.
  • I agree with another checkup-- if the plaque has been sitting there for a while, it is probably turning to tartar and going to be hard to get off yourself.

    And are you brushing twice a day?  That might help.  As will starting in different places in his mouth each time, so at least you are getting one quadrant brushed well every time, and that will rotate around his mouth.
    But also you could try flossing-- probably floss picks are easier to use at this age.  You could also try rubbing his teeth with gauze or a damp wash cloth if he will sit for that better than the brush.


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