9 weeks in - still going at it - just a question re: solids.

I know we aren't there yet, but when you brought solids in (at 4'ish months I imagine), how much did your BF'ing frequency change?  My son is 9 weeks and I can't even believe we have made it this far...I never imagined we'd make it past a week never mind 9.  It took him 3 weeks to gain his birth weight back which was very discouraging, but ever since, he has been gaining 1 oz per day faithfully.....he was 11 lbs 6 oz at his 2 month check he is gaining wonderfully, to my surprise!  At 3 wks, I started doing 1 feeding per day with formula.....the last few days, he has mainly BF though....he has been rejecting the bottle/formula.
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Re: 9 weeks in - still going at it - just a question re: solids.

  • I didn't introduce solids till 6 months and they never replaced a nursing session/bottle of BM until after a year. Always nurse before solids. Food before 1 is just for fun.
  • Yep we into'ed solids at the currently recommended age of 6 months.  We started with just a few spoonfuls of puree or something soft to gnaw on.  He still nursed the same amount.  I don't think his BM consumption amount changed until 10-11 months, when he finally went to three meals of solids a day.  At that point he cut out one nursing session. 
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  • We started solids today. DD is a week over 6 months. I didn't and won't drop a nursing session. As others have said, I offer the boob first. About an hour later we see how she does with solids. We're going to try this for "breakfast," "lunch," and "dinner" to be similar to when DS is eating and on a close schedule.
  • Glad to hear you are still BF!

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  • I know they say offer the breast before trying food, but DD would refuse after she BFd, so I offered (a small amount) before she BFd. Eventually rage pushed back that BFing session and we eventually dropped a feed/day, but it was probably several weeks. I can't remember exactly. We started solids rice) at 5.5 months. This time I might wait longer and will skip the grains.


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