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Leaking breasts: How much?

Hi guys! I'm a lurker. Most of my questions are answered already so I just search what I need and sit and back and read. This one, I can't find what I'm looking for.

So I've been leaking colostrum since like 20 weeks. Just drops of clear sticky liquid, I find little crusties in my bras almost daily but that's it. This, I know is completely normal. What I can't find if what's happening now.

The other night (I'm going on 35 weeks) I had a weird wet spot on my shirt in the morning. Just a spot, nothing big. My breast looked completely normal, not wet, nothing coming from it, so I figured it was likely just a coincidence, from washing my hands after the bathroom, or dog drool, or MY drool. But then it happened again another night. And last night... well, the spot was the size of my boob (just the right one). And I don't have small ones. It was soaked. Still couldn't tell if it was actually coming from me because my nipple wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary when I inspected it, but it HAD to be from that.

I know little spots of colostrum is normal. But are pools of colostrum, or whatever that is (no evidence on what it actually looks like since I've only ever seen it as wet spots on my shirt. Maybe I should wear a white T-shirt a few times to see if I can get a color of it) normal? Not that I think it's necessarily anything bad, just like to know exactly what's happening to me. Is it a good thing? Neutral? I'm weird for even wondering about it? Does it happen a lot once it starts? Do I need to start wearing nursing pads to sleep? TO WORK? Will it start to happen during the day? Because, yeah, I'd like to know in advance!

Thanks :)

Re: Leaking breasts: How much?

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