Tommee Tippee?

Hi all! I don't post often but was curious what type of bottles you offer your babies yet, if any? DS is 7 weeks, EBF, and has done well with the Avent and Dr Brown bottles. We received a ton of Tommee Tippees at showers, but seem to remember my LC saying they're not the best for breastfed babies... Thoughts?

Re: Tommee Tippee?

  • My LO doesn't mind TT bottles, she only takes bottles when I am at work and is 9 weeks. I think if baby likes them use them. Or maybe see about exchanging the bottles.
  • We used and loved TT for 9 months when I returned to work plus a few weeks bedtime I returned. My LO took them great after refusing several other bottles. I'd say they are very bf friendly. Wide, slow flow nipple.
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  • We use TT and they work great for us. LO is BF but takes usually two bottles of BM per day from the TTs.
  • We rec'd a ton of tt as gifts and have not used them yet. Still using the medela ones from the hospital that were given and thats only 1-2x a day for bm or supplement. Did they say why they were/were not recommended? If the baby likes em use em.

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  • I've actually heard great things about TT bottles... I'm surprised to your LC said that they aren't BF friendly.  We use Como Tomo bottle but if you've already found ones that he'll take, just stick with those!  No need to keep trying different ones unless something isn't working for you!
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