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Training for half marathon...

I'm thinking of running a half marathon this April but I'm not sure how that will affect my supply. I run anywhere from 5-10 mi a wk but the training sched is more mileage per wk. I have a good supply and usually pump anywhere from 5-9 oz when I have to pump at work. I wasn't sure if running a lot would have a neg impact on supply any thoughts? Thanks!

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  • I've wondered the same. Plan on doing a half in may. I was just released from my doctor so I'm slowly getting back into running and working out. Currently I mainly nurse but I am pumping at least twice a day after feedings.
  • How old is LO? I trained for a half when DD was 9 mo - 13 mo. I had no issues with supply. I did try to plan my run so I nursed first. Mostly for my own comfort!
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  • I ran through my pregnancy, so decided to set the goal of my next half marathon when she was 4 months, and did it (although slowly) without a problem. I would pump before my long runs, and had no issues, as long as I was careful about keeping up my calories. The morning of the race I pumped right before the race, and she took it from the bottle during the race, and I feed her right afterwards. Good luck and enjoy the running!
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