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pregnant with fibromyalgia

Anyone else have fibromyalgia? I had to get off of my meds for it during pregnancy and now that im 32w, im absolutely miserable :( the pain is starting to become unbearable and its causing me to be depressed. Im already on bedrest, but laying down all the time makes the pain worse. It literally hurts to lay on my sides :( anyone else have this problem?

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    Can I ask why are you on bedrest?

    My mom has fibromyalgia and most of the meds don't work for her, but one thing that does to stay as active as possible (even through the pain) to keep her joints from becoming swollen and stiff.

    I had a few episodes of preterm labor so ive been on bedrest since 26w :( I also had alot of preterm labor with my first child. Staying active helps me too but now I have no choice but to be as inactive as possible :(
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    emmyg65 said:

    I have fibromyalgia, but I've been managing it without mess for years. Ditto PP that I generally find light activity (walking, swimming, biking, yoga) to be the most effective treatment. Staying active is so important.

    Staying active usually helps me too but since im on bedrest, I cant really be active at all :(
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    econmama said:

    Just saw your other threads. Perhaps your rheumatologist could provide you a referall for a therapist.

    I dont have one :( my primary care dr was handling my fibro treatment bc my insurance doesnt cover rheumatologists :( i had been on lyrica for almost 7 years and that combined with light excercise kept me mostly pain free. But now I have to go without both :( im hoping the new ob that I will be seeing on friday will have some suggestions.
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    I'm having a lot of problems too, but luckily I'm not on bed rest. My first pregnancy was harder in that regard, but now I'm chasing a toddler on top of the pain. I know there are some drugs that may be safe, but I'm like you and decided to survive without them rather than risk it. While it might be too late (32 weeks seems so far from 40 when you're living it, but in real life time it's short) I'm doing physical therapy with a girl specializes in pelvic floor therapy. I don't know if it would work with the PTL and bedrest, but I find that it really, really helps. I'm going to go see her post birth this time and have her help me put everything back together too. Good luck, hang in there!
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