Intro and request for feedback -- breastfeeding a preemie

Hello all, I was a member of the D14 forum and my baby was due on Dec 26. He actually arrived on Nov 16 and he spent two weeks in NICU before coming home on Dec 1.

When in NICU he was fed first with a tube and then by bottle. He still feeds from a bottle but I'm trying to transition to breastfeeding.

He can latch on and suck and swallow from my breast but he never eats much before falling asleep and then he is hungry of course. So I end up giving him a bottle.

My most recent strategy has been to breastfeed every feeding session for as long as he stays awake and then finish the feed with a bottle. So he is getting his full feeds from bottles still with 10-30 min of breastfeeding thrown in each time.

I'd love some feedback about whether you think this is a good strategy. My hope is that with this regular practice he will get better at breastfeeding, and I hope that as he gets stronger he will be able to do it for longer before falling asleep.

Any thoughts or advice?
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