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Do we still hate tummy time?

Okay, baby is just over three months old.. and she still screams and wails through tummy time.  She has great head control, but seriously DH let her have some today and she rolled herself out of it(and he would have to flip her back) Then eventually she just screamed herself to sleep while on her belly.

Is my baby nuts, or is tummy time just always the biggest demon in the world for some babies?
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Re: Do we still hate tummy time?

  • My DD puts up with it for a few minutes. But I'm honestly not too concerned about finding the time to do tummy time. She gets stronger head control just from me holding her, and I figure she'll want to learn to be mobile to keep up with her sister ;) 
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  • 1st one hated it, skipped crawling, had funny shaped head for a while but at 4 no issues to bother regretting our slacking on torture sessions. DS2 likes it but usually falls asleep during so no real muscle benefits. Also of he's not into it he's been rolling since 7 wks. He just flips
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  • DD hates it with a passion. She can tolerate it for about a minute. Five if we are super lucky. But like you, she has great head control so I'm not that worried. She does still have an oddly shaped head though...

    I try to still have her do tummy time at least once a day though. Mostly for her funny looking head :)

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  • Mine hated it until he got a mini play mat that has the boppy type pillow and a couple of toys on it. Now he loves playing with his toys and being on his tummy for sometimes 20 minutes and then it seems like his little muscles are just tired.
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    C doesn't really hate it but it causes him so much discomfort I feel bad making him do it. He makes a strained face and usually spits up for few minutes after. So I do what I can. A minute here and there. I help him flip several times just so he gets the idea and then I leave it alone. I'll do it more as his stomach muscles mature but he's got all the basics so far so I'm not worried about the (maybe) 15 mins we get a day

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  • DS will put up with it for a few minutes but really only as long as I'm engaging him the whole time. He has had great head control all along so I'm not super worried about that. I still try to do it once a day just to change things up and give him a different view lol

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  • DD will do it for about 5 minutes. After that she is normally screaming. She has started rolling from back to belly so hopefully it gets better. She likes to be engaged the entire time either by us or the dogs laying in front of her. Her head is a little oddly shaped because of the belly time hatred but her pedi isn't worried.
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  • My little man is just now starting to tolerate it for maybe 5 minutes then he starts screaming. Hopefully we'll start getting longer stretches and some rolling soon. But he has great he control and doesn't seem to be oddly shaped. So I'm not too worried.
  • My LO is 15 weeks tomorrow, and just this past week he can tolerate tummy time more than 5-10 minutes. Keep at it!


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  • My first child was a preemie and she hated it.  This video helped: 

    My son does not hate it, although he can get a bit mad if he feels like we abandoned him.  We got him a tummy time turn table (spin and explore), and that might have been nice for my daughter, although perhaps she would have hated that too.  

    My son sees a osteopathic doctor because he only looks right, and he says that you can help loosen the muscles that make them hate tummy time by doing an streach.  Place them face up on a chair with their hips at the edge.  Their legs hang down, and then just place your hands on their legs so they can't bring them up for a few seconds.
  • DD absolutely hates tummy time. She is 13 weeks old and lasts about 30 seconds to a minute before screaming. Her giant head is nice and round and she has great head control (barely any support anymore) so I'm not too concerned about forcing her to do a ton of tummy time. She hasn't rolled over yet, but is close. I know as soon as she can roll that will be the end of tummy time.
  • This guy LOVES it. We can't keep him on his back, he rolls to his tummy. My first always hated it, even after he became a tummy sleeper. Weird.
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  • My DS hates it unless he's propped up. We have a boppy tummy time pillow with a couple toys on it that makes tummy time bearable for both of us
  • yup over 4mos here... and she still hates it.. it's gotten to the point where we can't even keep her on her belly because she immediately rolls to her back. So we do some tummy time with her on my legs (I lay down and hold my legs up for her to lay on). She also seems much more interested in sitting up or having me hold her standing up. Oh well. 

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  • My son is 13 weeks, still hates it and is not rolling. He does have great head control though.
  • cls0602 said:

    My son is 13 weeks, still hates it and is not rolling. He does have great head control though.

    Same here. Not sure what to do for him to enjoy tummy time. I can't even get more than two minutes at a time.
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  • 19 weeks tomorrow and still absolutely hates it!! If I try she either screams, rolls over, or tries to crawl. I'll have to try the leg thing someone else mentioned. Glad we're not the only ones. :smiley:
  • Almost 19 weeks here and he's just starting to be ok with it. Used to scream immediately but now will look around and play with toys for maybe 3-5 mins. There is hope!!
  • 15 weeks and we are getting better every day. Around 10 weeks I started doing a minute or two at a time, two or three times a day. Now he will chill for 5-10(?) minutes if I put him on his tummy, and flail his legs like he's trying to crawl. Tonight he managed his first back-to-tummy roll :D but only hung out for about 10 seconds before he flopped back.
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  • Lol it depends on the day here. Most days DD isn't a fan of tummy time. Though, now when we give her time on her play mat, she immediately rolls onto her tummy...then she realizes she is on her tummy...panics....face-plants into the we take pitty on her and roll her back...and 10 seconds later after she calms down, she rolls onto her tummy again...and...repeat!  

    She has been able to roll from her tummy onto her back a few times, but typically she panics about tummy time and just screams. All that said, it has gotten better overall and we have even seen a few smiles. I hope those get more frequent! 

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