To wake or not to wake?

Lo is just 3 days old, he has a tounge tie problem that makes nursing difficult with a nipple shield. My problem is hes such a good sleeper that he will go well passed 2 hours and as it gets close to 3 hours I wake him up, but he gets upset and wont settle down and nurse. He has a good strong suck, but he has a problem with consistent sucking. I guess my question is do I upset him and wake him up and just pray he gets at least a little milk or wait till he starts looking to eat and maybe eat a little more?
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Re: To wake or not to wake?

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    Thank you for your answers. We are having a much better time, we gave LO gripe water yesterday and it helped sooooo much. He's getting air in him because of the tounge tie so a little bit of the gripe water instantly got rid of so much built up gas and he immediately nursed more than he had in 2 days. Now he wakes every 2-3 hours on his own nurses easily and happily calms down and goes back to sleep.

    ETA we have an appointment Monday with pediatrician to get referral for an ent. :) hopefully tounge and maybe lip ties will be taken care of within the week.
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