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Looking for a dermatologist or someone

Sorry to post on here about this, but it's late where I'm at and im just looking for a dermatologist or someone that could inform me about what kind of rash or itchy bumps im having on my legs. I thought it was a spider bite but I don't see any puncture wounds. But if anyone could help me, that would be great! Thanks! I can also send pics in PM.

Re: Looking for a dermatologist or someone

  • Sorry what is PCP? I would love to see a dermatologist but I don't have insurance :( I wonder if the pharmacists at wal mart or CVS could help. But thank you very much for the input :)
  • You don't necessarily need a dermatologist, and a pharmacist won't be able to diagnose you. If it doesn't go away, you can get it checked at a regular primary care clinic (there are sliding scale ones). In the meantime, if the bumps aren't open, you could try an anti itch cream.



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  • It could be anything from dry skin to an allergic reaction. With out a PCP ( primary care physician) theres no way to be diagnosed :( 

    I usually try lotions or coconut oil first to check off dry skin, then if that doesn't work and it's getting worse I make an appointment with my doctor.  Good luck! 
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  • If you are worried about finances, try a cvs minute clinic
  • Thank you all so much for helping. And I will def try those lotions. It's STILL going on and it starts as little bumps and it's really itchy and I feel like I can't describe it unless I have a pic haha. But it's like a dime size bump and it's itchy. I don't think it's bite marks because I don't see any puncture wounds so im sure it's something that's irritating my skin, I just don't know what. But thanks all so much.
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