terrified of tomorrow

Since the whole family will be together tomorrow, dh and I are planning to share the news about our plans for adoption, but I am absolutely terrified. My family already knows and they are supporting us 100%. DH's family on the other hand hasn't always been there for us on many life choices we've made, but after 10 years, we're finally in a good place with them. We need to feel supported by both families to proceed, but I am so worried that we aren't going to get that. Wish me luck everyone.
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Re: terrified of tomorrow

  • Good luck! Be positive, it may help with their attitude. It did with us. You can't control their reactions, just yours. Be string! And merry Christmas!
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  • I'm so glad you recurved such good reposes. As you go forward, it is natural for even supportive family members to express some worries and fears. Just know that they have your best interests at heart and help them understand through sharing some of what you've learned about adoption and the process.
  • Congrats on the positive responses!! :x

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