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NWMR: Holiday Fails

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This morning DS was being a pill about not getting to watch his favorite TV show. He was whining so much I did a total parent cop out and told him: "Santa Clause is watching you, and only little boys and girls with good behavior are going to get presents so you better watch out!"

DS looked around nervously and said, "No, he's not watching me!"

When I told him, yes, Santa can see everything and whining about TV and yelling at your mother is not good behavior, DS broke down SOBBING. I had to get him out of his chair and rock him to get him to stop.  

I promise I don't do this kind of thing, I don't know why I told him all that and I feel really bad about it.


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Re: NWMR: Holiday Fails

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    Aw sorry mama. That sounds tough!

    I'm sure there will be more to come, but for now...
    - DH has a man cold and is hiding from my family, who we are visiting from out of state
    - my mom has an indeterminate illness that may be bronchitis, which she swears isn't contagious (but is still really gross)
    - my brother called yesterday to say he's probably not coming after all because he has the flu

    My mom had SUCH high hopes for this holiday, the first where my brother and I have both been at my parents' house in 10ish years. I feel really bad for how it's playing out. Am doing my best to encourage DD to play with grandma and be adorable. Maybe toddler cuteness will help even it all out?
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    Not really a fail but I couldn't get the lid off the painter bucket I used for brining. Took me about 30 minutes of pulling and trying to cut it out (which didn't work). I thought we would have to choot it up to get it open. Luckily, I was able to pry the lid off at 3:45 am. The turkey was awesome though.
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    I got annoyed enough with my 2 year old on Christmas Eve that I actually said, "Do I need to text Santa and tell him to skip our house?" I'm probably going to laugh about that until Valentine's Day. I also told her that she had to be in bed on time or we would miss our Santa appointment and then he wouldn't be able to visit us. She completely grasped that concept, which frightens me just a little.
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