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contacted about position I applied for, but don't remember what the position was

Hi all

I'm mostly a lurker over here, but I think I have gotten myself into a bit of a sticky WR situation.  I will try to be as concise as possible.

I am currenlty working FT for a large company.  I enjoy the job immensely, but I am soon to be a single mother and I am looking for a job that pays more.  The company I work for is owned by a large international corporation, and that corporation also owns several other sister companies in the same field.  As a service to it's employees, the parent company has set up an employee portal/ intranet site where you can see what's going on in the other sister companies, as well as check out job postings (it's common to move between companies).

Anyway I have sort of been lazily job searching, and a few weeks ago, I applied for an open position listed on this portal with a sister company.  HR contacted me today about scheduling a time to talk, problem is I literally can not remember the job title OR the company name that I applied with.

I'm in sales support, so I am assuming it's something like that.  What do I do?  Would you fess up and say that you don't remember the position you applied for?  Would you play a long a bit and see if they feed you the info?

I feel like an absolute idiot right now, and I wouldn't want to ruin my chances of potentially being in the running for a better paying job.

Thanks!  Any advice is appreciated.


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Re: contacted about position I applied for, but don't remember what the position was

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    I ran into this a few times also.  Once I just went with it, and fortunately for me, I did end up remembering, half way into the process.


    I usually check my sent mail folders in my email and *most* of the time am able to find something related.


    Otherwise, I've made little notes before with dates, company and positions I've applied for because I have a hard time remembering things and it was getting me into trouble. Good luck!

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