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Any preemie moms use the wonder Weeks app? Have you found that the weeks are accurate for your preemie according to due date, birth date, or neither? My little guy was born August 2 but due September 25. He used to sleep six hours, eat, and then sleep four hours. He's been up every two to three hours the last five nights. I'm wondering if we could be in the dreaded leap four, even though neither his birth date nor due date seem to line up.

Re: Wonder Weeks app

  • I have it - my twins are 34weekers. It's helpful to read but not really predictive. I found that some things were more in line w their actual age, some adjusted, and some in between. Some things varied from baby to baby.

    So good info, sure, but not so much on the timing.

    My oldest is FT (37w) and he didn't always fit into timelines, so idk how much stock I put in it at all.

  • It was kind of helpful when the kiddos were little (going based on adjusted age) -- give or take, but as they get older, it starts predicting stormy periods that last like 4-6 weeks. I mean, seriously, I could throw a dart at a board that large and hit it. ::eyeroll:: 
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