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I know I haven't been in this group for years, but this didn't seem like something for the May 2015 board. The picture is my ex-husband and our 56 lb 7 y/o. On numerous occasions I have asked him not to put our son in the front seat and he's informed me I should mind my own business. I feel like this is my business though, now that I have photo proof (because driving selfies are irresponsible but also concrete proof) I don't know where to go from here. I'm not looking to take his parental rights, just hoping he will somehow get that this is serious. Any idea who or where I would report this? I'm not overreacting for the wrong reasons like he claims right?
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Re: Car seat safety help...

  • fredalina said:

    Is there an active airbag in the passenger seat? If not, the passenger seat up front isn't as dangerous as it is if there's an active airbag. (It's still not the safest place because of the windshield, but the airbag is the most deadly part of the front seat.)

    Even if there is an airbag, I don't know what you can do. The Single Parenting board may have more suggestions, but from where I sit you have the following choices:
    1) Complain to him (which will get you exactly as far as it's gotten you so far)
    2) Consult an attorney and potentially take him to court. I have no idea what a judge may decide. It could probably go either way, unfortunately. Some judges probably put their own kids in the front or remember fondly fighting with siblings over who got shotgun.
    3) Involve the police. Most places it isn't illegal and they likely would have to catch them in the act so not sure how far it will go.

    I'm really sorry. I can't imagine how insane I would feel in your shoes, knowing my child is in danger (preventable danger) but unable to do much about it. I don't mean my post to sound laissez faire, because car safety is my hill to die on, I just don't know what you can actually do to stop it :(.

    No I definitely understand, thank you! While I know it is unsafe, and in the state of WI, illegal, (DS is 4'1" and 56 lbs, our law says 80lbs and 4'9" stays in the back) I just don't know where to go. I won't lie, I'm a bit irritated by the "mind your own business" comment, but regardless this is still about the safety of my son.
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  • Ugh sorry you're going through this. Safety should be #1. Do you happen to know anyone in law enforcement you could consult? They might be able to confirm and maybe you could say I talked to so and so and it's illegal?

    Also I agree with talking to your son. At 7 he may get it and while it's fun to ride in the front seat PP is right if there is an airbag it is not safe. I know my airbags are weight detecting and the passenger one turns on at 50 pounds.

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  • I would consult child protective services. They will look into it and hopefully it will send a message your ex to knock it the fuck off. My child is 8, 4'5", 50lbs and is in the backseat with a booster. I also live in wisco.
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  • He should also be in some sort of age and maturity appropriate booster, besides just being in the backseat.

    I understand, my ex uses a booster but puts it in the front pretty much rendering it useless. Thanks everyone!
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