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Physical Stress of Carrying?

Hi ladies! I just entered the 29th week and have been noticing a pretty significant difference between how I carried my son five years ago vs how I'm carrying my daughter now. I never had energy problems or got very big with my son, but for some reason I'm starting to feel physically exhausted from carrying my daughter. I haven't gained more than one pound over my pre-pregnancy weight this time around (thanks to hyperemesis and a general lack of appetite) so I'm starting to worry if perhaps that might be a reason why I'm feeling more physical stress this time around. My stamina is completely shot despite my energy and drive to be active and that's been a hard pill to swallow in the recent weeks. It seems like anytime I'm on my feet for more than ten minutes my heart pounds and races and I'm unable to catch my breath. My belly just feels so heavy and yet I haven't had any significant (if any) weight gain. 
Has anyone else encountered this with any of their pregnancies? It's a completely new experience for me and I worry about what kind of physical shape I'll be in when I eventually go into labor/how easily I'll be able to carry her as she gets even bigger. 

Re: Physical Stress of Carrying?

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    With ds#1, I ran my entire pregnancy.  I felt pretty much 100% until the day I had him.  With ds#2, I did pretty well, but stopped working out around 34 weeks.  With #3, I ran my last race at 20 weeks and really struggled.  I ran a 12 mile race at 16 weeks and did well, but somewhere between 16 and 20 weeks is where I hit "the wall".  I did some mild exercise here and there, but I just wasn't in it.  I only gained 15lbs with #3, but I was just sore everywhere.  I delivered her 1 week ago today and feel so much better.  I have more energy (even with lack of sleep) and the pressure is gone.

    I think every pregnancy is just different really.

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