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Games for when you have to wait

What are some games you play with your kids when you have to wait somewhere - in line at the grocery store, when you are dealing with your other kids, when you are waiting for food at a restaurant, etc. ? Not technology related please. I don't have a smart phone/ipad/iphone.

My main problem is giving my toddler something to do when I am changing my other child's diaper in a public restroom. We play "I spy" a lot but there isn't a lot to "spy" in a public bathroom! Plus things are gross in there and I don't want her touching anything when she gets bored. She will be 3 in April and my other one is 4 months. Sometimes the baby has a blowout diaper and it takes a while to get her cleaned up, in the meantime my toddler is putting her hand in the garbage can (BARF).

Re: Games for when you have to wait

  • I don't really. DD sat in the cart still at that age at the store or stood next to me. At a restaurant we color or I'll bring a book with me. As far as diaper changes she just had to stand there and wait. I don't feel like I need to entertain her every second.

    I mean I talk to her during those times but really don't go out of my way for fun games.
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  • We usually sing songs together.
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  • Can you give her a job to do like holding a clean diaper. DS is almost 3 and when we are out and I have to change the baby or feed I have him do a job. I usually give him a clean diaper and say it's very important you hold this. I usually use a different one if the one he holds becomes dirty.
    While I feed her we sing to the baby, he chooses the song etc.
  • Set expectations ahead of time.  Tell her, "We are going in the bathroom.  I have to change baby's diaper.  You can help me by ___."  Remember not to touch X because it is dirty."  Give her a job, maybe sing a song.  Then wash everyone's hands when the diaper change is over. 
    DS born 8/8/09 and DD born 6/12/12.
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