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Double Stroller - for those with toddlers + newborns

Anyone on here with a toddler and a newborn - I am expecting my second in June and my DD will be 3yrs at that point. Right now we have a Graco Trekko stroller and I am wondering if I should try to sell that and get a double stroller. Looking at the Graco DuoGlider and Ready2Grow as both of them will work with the infant car seat we have from DD which doesn't expire for quite a while.

I guess my question is whether or not it is worth it to upgrade or if I should just plan on letting DD walk and taking shorter walks to accommodate her abilities?

(FWIW we did not pay full price for our it is possible that I could sell it for what I bought it for.)

Re: Double Stroller - for those with toddlers + newborns

  • How often do you use your stroller now? It really depends on whether it's something you get a ton of use out of. My DD is 3 and hates being in the stroller. We use it when needed (if I need her contained while I do something) but honestly she'd much rather walk.

    She was only 19.5 mos when DS was born. At the beginning I mainly wore DS in the moby and had DD ride in the stroller. When DS was big enough we got a sit and stand but it's not good for long walk use. If you use a stroller a lot now or take a lot of walks/runs then you will want to invest in a quality double.
  • My 2 are 22 months apart.  My toddler had been a stroller lover since birth and we used it daily on walks to the park, library, and around the neighborhood.  I also knew I couldn't completely trust her to walk on her own places without running away or just being super slow, and I wanted to be able to contain her when we went to doctor appts and similar.  Also, DS, at 3 months, weighs 20 lbs, so wearing just wasn't that great.  We got a used Phil and Teds.  DD, who is pretty tall, is a bit tall for the second seat, but she doesn't mind it.  It fits in my Prius and down the narrow aisles at the library and in stores in our neighborhood and handles curbs and nature trails well.  We would survive between baby wearing and holding DDs hand while we walk places, but the stroller is much easier.
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  • Mine are 22 mon the apart and the youngest is 6 months. I haven't wanted/needed a double yet. I debated before DD was born about getting one and asked on here as well. The verdict I got was to wait. Take some outings, see how it goes, and if you find yourself wishing you had one, you can always got out and get one. It's not like they are a finite resource. For us, I've been able to either wear DD and put DS in the stroller, or DD gets the stroller and DS walks/"helps" push the stroller. As DD gets bigger I'm sure my opinion will change on this, but we haven't hit that point yet.
  • DS is 3 and we'll have a newborn in a couple months - I think your need for a double stroller depends how much your 3 year old currently uses a stroller.

    My DS prefers to walk most of the time, but if he gets tired he likes to be able to sit. So a Sit & Stand made the most sense for us. I found a gently used Joovy UltraLight Caboose on a swap site - it fits our Chicco car seat in the front until DD is big enough to sit on her own, then in the back there is a place for DS to either sit or stand if he wants to.
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  • Thanks everyone! I think we'll wait and see how it goes over the first couple weeks. I did walk a lot after DD was born, our town was fairly small - you can walk from one end to the other in about 1/2 an hour and I would do that daily, so every day was at least an hour long walk.

    We've since moved to an even smaller town but I would imagine that I will still be walking at least an hour each day just to get out of the house, and am planning on working myself up to walking to my in-laws which would be about an hour long walk one way. That won't be right away though so I should have lots of time to decide by then what I'm going to do in order to pack both kids for the trek lol
  • Don't waste your money on a double. Mine are 2 1/2 years apart and the only times we've used it is at Disney. But if I were to go back I would just put both in single umbrella strollers with each of us pushing one.

  • I wonder the same thing as my daughter will be 3 in April and we are due to have #2 in July. My daughter sits in the stroller everyday when I walk our 2 dogs. And she always sits in the stroller at malls, zoo, etc. She loves it in there.
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  • I agree, it depends on how much you use it.  I walk every evening with the kids and I used my double just about every day.  We also used it (and were extremely thankful that we had it) at fun parks, etc.  Now that I'm expecting my 3rd, my 6 YO will have to walk.  ;-)

    One other thing that I love having is the kiddie backpack (not sure exactly what it's called).  I would have my older one walk and stick the little one in the backpack (used this until he was over 2 YO).  This works great for places like the zoo where the stroller doesn't work as well. 
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