3rd Trimester

One more week...

If baby hangs in there, I have two more days of work (well, 3 if you count today), and exactly ONE more week til RCS (Dec. 30)!! YIKES!! Contractions aren't close enough to warrant timing them yet, but they sure are getting more crampy/painful when they happen. Kinda hoping I go into labor on my own before the scheduled date to be honest, cuz I am done being uncomfortable all.the.time.

How's everyone else holding up?
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Re: One more week...

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    Wow, how exciting! 

    I'm 34 weeks... It feels pretty surreal that we will have a new member of our family within the next couple of months. The holidays totally crept up on me this year because we are so consumed with baby stuff. I think the next few weeks are just going to fly by. I'm trying to really enjoy this time of just me and DH for now! We're planning a few date nights and trying to enjoy the little things we will be temporarily saying goodbye to soon enough - sleeping in, sex, inappropriate songs/movies/language, going out with friends, etc... lol 

    I'm finally into the less comfortable stages of pregnancy. Most days I feel good, but then there are moments like last night where I'm trying so hard to finish a painting and the baby keeps kicking me and I feel like I'm crouched over a soccer ball and I just want to scream! :) But, little one is welcome to stay in there as long as they need to. I have a new appreciation for mothers, that's for sure! 
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    I'm only coming up on 29 weeks, so I've got quite a while to go yet, so I'm not to the "let's get this show on the road" phase yet; but I remember being there with my son! FX for you for an easy and safe delivery when the time comes. 
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    I'll be hitting the 35 week mark on Thursday. About a week and a half ago I was chatting with a coworker about women hitting the "I'm SO ready for this to be over" stage of pregnancy. Back then (seems so long ago now...) I told her I was still feeling pretty well, getting around wasn't too difficult etc. How quickly things change!!! I know it's going to get worse over the next month but... yeah, I'm done being uncomfortable all the time too.

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    I'm at 30 weeks and I'm so ready to meet baby J! I keep telling myself ten more weeks, give or take. So far I'm not super uncomfortable, but I expect that to change soon, lol.
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    40W+1....due date was yesterday. Thankfully the last few days have been some of the best in a while. Lost mucus plug on tuesday and i have color change in my discharge, so there are signs she may be coming soon. Just trying to stay busy and rest when i can.
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