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Self-Care Check-In

I'm sorry I didn't get to this last week.  Things have just been... crazy.

Two weeks ago, the challenge was to do something kind for someone else.  What did you do?  How did it feel?

How else have you practiced self-care in the past two weeks?

This week's challenge: No matter what you are celebrating this week, it is bound to be a hectic week - full of commitments to friends, family and, possibly, work.  Some of you may even be traveling.  Among the hustle and bustle, I challenge you to find 2 hours all to your self this week.
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Re: Self-Care Check-In

  • Hope things are going better for you and your family.

    Self care two weeks ago: I brought donuts for the two other moms that have the same time slot at DS's therapy center. They really seemed to appreciate it.

    Other self care: I haven't been trying to do all-things-Christmas like I usually stress out about. We get DS's results from his eval tomorrow and I've just been concentrating on that instead.
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  • I was able to do the last challenge last week.

    I had 4 plastic canvas gift boxes I made. I had a goal to make at least 12 for the school and daycare staff. I didn't have enough time. I also did not know who to give them to. Dh said to give them to people at work.

    Last Friday, was our big holiday office party at work. They had a white elephant game and one co-worker forgot her gift for the game. They did allow her to play on behalf of my boss who was out but he left a white elephant gift.

    I think it got the best of me with everybody going home with something except her. I gave her a gift box I made and told her she did not get anything.

    As for self care, I think I was trying to do too much especially with the gift boxes. I did take the time to just enjoy the holiday. I was tired and overwhelmed.
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