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Someone suggested an intro thread for those who want to be active on this board, and I thought it was a good idea so I started this... Feel free to add anything else!

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Re: Everyone Intro

  • Name: Vanessa

    Family: DH & I are both 28, and just had our first LO, Sophia on 11/7 - she'll be 7 weeks on Friday!!

    Location: We live in the Copperfield area, northwest Houston, by Hwy 6 & 529

    Etc: We just moved here a year ago from NYC & haven't made any friends other than coworkers since I got pregnant so quick. Hoping to make some Mommy/Daddy friends soon & thought the Bump could help!
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  • I'll play.

    Name: Pandadair
    Family: Husband and I are both 30. Had our baby boy last May.
    Location: Cypress, though hoping to move soon. Location TBD.
    Etc: Moved here a year and a half ago and I work from home, so it's a good day when I leave the house in normal clothes. Still don't really know anyone.

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  • Name: Marissa
    Family: Me 33, DH 36, DD 6 months, 2 terrible cats, 2 awesome dogs, 1 neglected fish
    Location: Kingwood
    Etc: We have lived here for 10 years. We generally like Houston but occasionally get the itch to move then I freak out and we stay put. I'm hoping to get into nursing school. Going back to school is way harder the second time around. We love going to Astros games no matter how bad they are.
  • Name: Amanda
    Family: Me 32, DH 32, baby girl coming in February
    Location:  near medical center
    Etc:  We moved here from NYC in June and immediately got pregnant, so @nessaalwayz in the same situation!  Just bought a house and are trying to get all settled in before baby arrives.
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  • Name: Elizabeth
    Family: DH and myself- expecting LO in June!
    Location: Atascocita
    Etc: I moved here from IL 5 years ago, met the love of my life, and have been happily married to him for 2+ years! Loving the warmer TX winters!
  • Greetings from the Atascocita area @Cbrandt1! There is some life on this board! I try to check every so often!
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  • TexasGirl81TexasGirl81 member
    edited January 2015
    Name: andrea
    Family: me - 33, H - 41, 17 month old daughter, and 5 month old son
    Location: Houston (galleria)
    Etc: I have live Houston my whole life. Love it here most if the time. Husband is from Brooklyn. I also have two step daughters, who are great fun beautiful girls. I work full time, I get no sleep but I wouldn't trade any of this for the world!

    We have our "Irish Twins"

    DD born 8/7/2013

    DS born 7/28/14


  • Name: Jane
    Family: me-32, h-33 and son-10
    Location: Huntsville. The land of prisons :)
    I am 25 weeks today and due April 25th. This is my first pregnancy and I. Am. So. Nervous.
  • Name:  Amy
    Family:  33yo husband, 11 month old daughter, 11 year old retired racing greyhound, and two, 2 year old cats
    Location:  relocating to The Woodlands in February
    Etc.  Looking forward to meeting you!
  • Hey I'm Chelsae and I am 27
    DH is 32 and I have 2 boys ages 9 and 5. I am pregnant with baby number 3 due July 20th.
    We live in cypress
  • I'm Jeni and I'm 31.  Currently pregnant with DS2, DS1 is almost 3.  We currently live in Seattle but are moving to The Woodlands in February.  
  • Hi everyone, I'm Meghan and I'm 28. DH is 32, and our little girl is 20 months, we also have a miniature schnauzer and she is 10 years old. We live in Deer Park. We have been here for a little over 2 years. We are originally from Indiana.
  • Hello,I am Nkem and 30. DH is 36. Expecting our first, we live in stafford area. We have been here almost 5yrs now.
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